Interchange at entrance to Kumanovo city illuminated

Public Enterprise for State Roads continues with illumination of interchanges and entrances to cities throughout the country, as an integral part of implementation of the Government’s policies for improving the traffic safety. The latest step in that implementation has been the illumination of the overpass and the central part of the intersection at the entrance to Kumanovo city.

Twelve (12) double-arm twelve meters tall lamp posts have been mounted along 600 meters of road, plus four spotlights at the overpass. The installed lighting system is energy efficient, i.e. with dimming light bulbs that automatically reduce input voltage depending on the daylight.

The investment value of this lighting equaled three (3) million denars.

Working visit of PE for State Roads Director Vlado Misajlovski to the Southeast region

Director of the Public Enterprise for State Roads Mr. Vlado Misajlovski paid a working visit to the Southeast region, including the town of Makedonska Kamenica, where he met with the town Mayor Mr. Darko Mitevski, the local residents and the representatives of Sasa mine.

They discussed about the local road infrastructure projects, as well as the other projects planned to be implemented at the municipality.  Director Misajlovski informed the meeting attendees that design development was underway for the 20km long section of the regional road R1210 connecting the mines Toranica and Sasa. This road section will be very important as a link between the municipalities of Kriva Palanka and Makedonska Kamenica, because currently there is no road connecting them. Another matter discussed was the rehabilitation of about 30km of the regional road Kocani – Delcevo, planned to be executed with World Bank loan funds.

During his visit to the region, Director Misajlovski also met with the Mayor of Pehcevo municipality Mr. Igor Popovski and with the local residents, and discussed the local roads infrastructure issues.
The visit to the region was concluded with a meeting with Dojran Municipality Mayor Mr. Borce Stamov and the local residents of v. Nikolik. Director Misajlovski informed about the forthcoming complete rehabilitation of about 6 km long branch of the regional road between Nov Dojran and v. Nikolik. This rehabilitation will include a complete renewal of the traffic signalization, and will also be financed by a World Bank loan. To improve the traffic safety, currently new traffic signalization and traffic furniture is being installed along the regional road Strumica – Dojran of 65 km, an investment worth 16 million denars, said Mr. Misajlovski.

Start of interchange construction near Smilkovci

The construction of the interchange on the bypass road Skopje at Smilkovci area has started. The interchange shall contribute for faster and safer transport of about 8000 residents of 5 settlements.

Minister of Transport and Communications Mr. Mile Janakieski said that this 40 million denars worth construction was expected to be completed in about one year. He added that the interchange was of a great importance for faster and safer travel of citizens, and that it would shorten the distance to Skopje city center for about 10 kilometers.
Skopje City Mayor Mr. Koce Trajanovski emphasized that construction of this interchange was initiated by the local residents of the villages of Smilkovci, Creshevo, Viniche, Bulachani, Rashtak, and Stajkovci.
Director of the Public Enterprise for State Roads Mr. Vlado Misajlovski stressed that he was expecting a major construction expansion throughout the country this month.
– We have started with repairs of bridges, regional and local roads, now we are continuing with interchange construction, and I expect to witness an expansion of construction activities in all parts of Macedonia this month, he said.
He added there were currently nine interchanges on the Skopje bypass road that are functional and illuminated, and the new one shall be the 10th fully lighted interchange.

Start of construction of 46 local road sections in 38 municipalities

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, during his visit to the municipality of Kavadarci, put into operation the reconstructed road from the locality Ladno Dolche to the villages of Stragovo and Krnjevo.
– This road is very important for the daily life of the residents of several villages: Stragovo, Krnjevo, Chemersko, Bohula, Gorna and Dolna Boshava. In addition, it is especially important for the forest economy, local farmers and vine growers, but also for citizens travelling to picnic sites and to ski center Kozuf, emphasized Prime Minister Gruevski, adding that the road before the reconstruction was in an extremely poor condition, only 3 meters wide and with numerous potholes and other asphalt failures.

Photo by : MIA
– The Government allocated 46 million denars for a complete reconstruction and widening of the road in total length of about 5 kilometers. The works were completed last year and the citizens have already felt the benefits of using this reconstructed road, stated Gruevski.
Director of the Public Enterprise for State Roads Vlado Misajlovski said that local roads, albeit connecting only small regions and villages, are of great importance both for the quality of life in the settlements and for the municipal development. In its efforts to improve the local road infrastructure, the Municipality of Kavadarci applied for reconstruction and rehabilitation of several local roads, i.e. the regional road 107 to the village Resava, from Resava to the village Begnishte, and the local road Ladno Dolche-Krnjevo-Stragovo, in total length of about 17 kilometers.
Construction of 57 kilometers of 46 local roads in 38 municipalities commences today. The 7.2 million euros worth construction works shall be completed in nine months.

Repair of Bridge on Pchinja River Commenced

Minister of Transport and Communications Mile Janakieski and the Director of Public Enterprise for State Roads Vlado Misajlovski went on site to check the progress of works on the bridge on Pchinja River in Dolno Konjare village.
Janakieski emphasized that this bridge is one of the four that are currently undergoing repairs, and that Repair Designs are being developed for additional two bridges that were seriously damaged by the floods.
– This bridge is of great importance for the residents of Rzanicino and Konjare as it connects these two villages. It is expected the repair, for which 3.5 million denars were allocated, to be completed by this April, said Janakieski.

Misajlovski explained that this 136.60 meters long and four meters wide bridge has 22 spans at distance of 5.6 meters between piers. Two pier points in the middle are critical and require necessary repair.
– This bridge requires repair because it was built back in 1983. The riverbed bottom has sunken as it has been eroded by the water over time, due to which the piers’ height has increased, which adversely affects the stability of the bridge, stated Director Misajlovski.
He also stated that last year construction of two new bridges had commenced, one of which is located near Zleovo at Radovis municipality, and the other on Zletovska River near Pishica village at the municipality Cheshinovo – Obleshevo. In addition, in late 2014, repair works started on the bridge on Vardar River on the road section Zhelino – Sirichino.
– Repair works on these four bridges shall be finalized in the first half of this year, and they will cost 61 million denars, said Misajlovski.
He also emphasized that this year the highest priority would be given to the bridge on Bregalnica River on the road section Kocani – Zrnovci, since that bridge was damaged by the latest floods. Currently, technical design is being developed for the construction-repairing works on the bridge.