The public procurements in the Public Enterprise of State Roads are performed as per:
  • the Law on Public Procurement (Official Gazette of RM, no. 136/07, 130/08, 97/10, 53/11, 185/11 и 148/13).
The following bylaws are also used:
  • Decision on determining an indicative list of contracting authorities;
  • Regulation on services that are subject of contracts for public procurement of services;
  • Regulation on types of construction activities that are subject of public procurement of works;
  • Rulebook on the form, contents and method of preparing the Annual Plan for Public Procurement;
  • Rulebook on the method of assessing the value of contracts for public procurement;
  • Rulebook on the contents of the tendering documents;
  • Rulebook on the procedure of bids opening and the form for record taking of bids opening;
  • Rulebook on the format and contents of the procedure report form;
  • Methodology of expressing the criteria for awarding a public procurement contract in points;
  • Rulebook on the form and contents of the notice, the announcement about procedure annulment, and the form of records of the procedures with an application for bid collection;
  • Rulebook on the form and contents of the notices and announcements when awarding the public procurement contracts;
  • Rulebook on the method of using the electronic system for public procurement.