The Republic of North Macedonia has a well-developed road network of 14,182 km that includes motorways, national roads, regional and local roads. The main two Pan-European corridors that intersect the country are Corridor VIII (east-west) and Corridor X (north-south).

The regional roads provide access to the main road transport corridors and the national roads network and, together with the local roads, are greatly important for the local economy development, attracting of new investments, small businesses and agricultural activities throughout the country. According to the current legislation, the Public Enterprise for State Roads is the authority responsible for managing, construction, reconstruction, maintenance and protection of the state roads in the Republic of Macedonia.

Road network of the Republic of North Macedonia in the current total length of 14,182 km consists of 242 km of motorways, 911 km of national roads, 3,771 km of regional roads and 9,258 of local roads, as shown in Table 1 below. Such road network represents a solid starting point for the country’s further development.

In the Republic of North Macedonia, the road transport has the largest share in the total transport of goods and passengers. In the structure of goods transport on the roads in the Republic of North Macedonia, the national transport dominates the international and transit transport. Road transport also prevails over the rail transport.

The existing road network is solid and of a good quality.

Types of roads in the Republic of North Macedonia

Type of road
National road
Regional road
Local road