Local road Stopanski Dvor – village Svilare at Gjorce Petrov municipality opened

The local road from Stopanski Dvor to the village of Svilare, that is 786 meters long and 4 meters wide, and from Stopanski Dvor to the local graveyard, 284 meters long and 7 meters wide at the settlement of Volkovo at Gjorce Petrov municipality was officially put into operation today. It is an investment worth about 81,000 Euros.

The opening was attended by the Minister of Transport and Communications Mr. Vlado Misajlovski, the Director of the PE for State Roads Mr. Aleksandar Stojanov, and the Mayor of Gjorce Petrov Municipality Mr. Sokol Mitrovski.
Minister Misajlovski stressed the importance of this investment for the local residents saying it would improve the quality of the urban living.
– I strongly believe that this investment will increase the interest in construction of residential buildings at this settlement, which would result in increased municipal revenues. With the construction of this local road we are reaffirming the importance of the municipality and opening new possibilities for improvement of conditions for both foreign and domestic investors, said Misajlovski.

Reconstruction of the local road from Dolno Sonje to Gorno Sonje close to its completion

Director of PE for State Roads Mr. Aleksandar Stojanov and the Mayor of Sopishte Municipality Stevce Trpkovski went onsite today to check the progress of works on the local road from v. Dolno Sonje to v. Gorno Sonje.

For the rehabilitation of this about 1.1km long local road, the Municipality of Sopishte applied under the governmental Project on Improvement of the Local Roads Infrastructure. The investment value is about 6 million denars, and the road is expected to be completed by the end of this week.

In the last two years, two local roads were completed at Sopishte municipality under this Project: the road from v. Rakotinci – bridge to v. Dobri Dol, and to v. Dobri Dol, in total length of about 4km and total cost of 21 million denars.