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Public disclosure of documents for environmental protection and social aspects according to the EBRD PRs for the project Construction of Motorway A4, Skopje – Blace Section 2, km 2+000 to km 12+250

The public disclosure of the documents will last 120 days from the day of publication. You can submit your comments or suggestions for improvement of certain aspects of the project to the contact addresses listed in the documents within the stipulated disclosure period.
A printed version of the documents is available for review at the reception desk of the Public Enterprise for State Roads at the following address: Str. “Dame Gruev” no. 14, 1000 Skopje. The review can be performed every working day from 09:00 a.m. to 15:00 p.m.

  1. ESIA Annex 1 Decision for approved Elaborate – Subsection 1
  2. ESIA Annex  2 Opinions from institutions
  3. ESIA Annex 3 Decision for conduction EIA
  4. ESIA Annex 4 Legal Framework
  5. ESIA Annex 5 Letter for acceptance of the alternatives
  6. ESIA Annex 6 Parameters and methods for surface water analyses
  7. ESIA Annex 7 Assessment of ecological status according to WFD
  8. ESIA Annex 8 Assessment of the alternatives
  9. ESIA Annex 9 List of plants in the  motorway  corridor Skopje-Blace
  10. ESIA Annex 10 List Butterfly species recorded in other grassland habitats
  11. ESIA Annex 11 Climate resilience report