Illumination of Kadino junction on Alexander of Macedonia motorway

The Public Enterprise for State Roads has participated in the implementation of the government’s policies for improving traffic safety by carrying out projects for lighting the state roads, and from 2013 to date has completed illumination of 30 km of motorways, national roads, junctions and tunnels in total value of EUR 3 million.

Since early 2014 until now about 10 km of roads have been lighted with 246 lamp posts, about 35.5 million denarsworth.

As of today, the lighting of Kadino junction on the Motorway Alexander of Macedonia was put into operation, on about 1100m road length (500m of motorway and 600m of branch roads of the junction). At this junction, 22 lamp posts were mounted (12 meters tall, 10 double arm and 12 single arm lamp posts), 4.5 million denars worth. The lighting installed is energy efficient, i.e. with dimming lamps that automatically reduce input voltage depending on the daylight.

Since the beginning of this year, the junctions at the entrances to Prilep were lighted, as well as the junction Tetovo – South on Mother Theresa Motorway, the junction before Stip, the intersection before Vevcani, and the entrance to Gostivar after the toll station.

Agreement signed for financing the Project for National and Regional Roads Rehabilitation

Loan Agreement and Guarantee Agreementwith the World Bank were signed for construction and reconstruction of roads in the Republic of Macedonia, by WB Country Manager, Tatiana Proskuryakova, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, and Director of the Public Enterprise for State Roads, Ljupco Georgievski.
The Loan Agreement is EUR 52 million worth and represents the first phase of the Project with World Bank for financing the new four-yearStrategy, projecting US$ 400 million for the Republic of Macedonia.

– The first EUR 52 million shall be used for road construction and reconstruction, and we expect additional EUR 100 million to be approved next year for another roads project. The total package intended for roads construction and reconstruction and financed by the World Bank shall amount over EUR 150 million, stated Stavreski.
World Bank extended this Loan under favorable conditions with variable interest, which is currently 0.6%, 6-year grace period and 23-year repayment period.
– This is the second project for road transportation the World Bank finances in the Republic of Macedonia, besides the ongoing Regional and Local Roads Program Support Project. This Loan provides a possibility to improve the road network, which is necessary for higher growth and more energetic economy. Improved road network will also mean better connection and safer travelling for the citizens of Macedonia, Proskuryakova said.
– By signing the Agreement, the Director of the Public Enterprise for State Roads, Ljupco Georgievskisaid,the financial scheme for reconstruction and rehabilitation of many significant national and regional roads in the country was finalized.

Repair and Reconstruction of Bridge Gemidzii in Veles Completed

The Public Enterprise for State Roads had the repair and reconstruction of Gemidzii – the most frequently used bridge in Veles –– completed four and a half months ahead of the planned completion time.
Today’s reopening of the bridge was attended by the Director of the PE for State Roads Mr. Ljupco Georgievski, Members of the Parliament of Macedonia Mr. IlijaDimovski and Mr. GjorgjiKodzabasiev, the Mayor of Veles Mr. SlavcoCadiev, the City Council President Aleksandar Kolev, and other individuals who were actively involved in the project implementation.
– I would like to use this opportunity to express our gratitude to the citizens of Veles and everybody else who use this bridge for their patience during the bridge reconstruction period. Our goal was to complete its full repair in the shortest term possible, which was done well before the planned completion time, stated the Director of the PE for State Roads Mr. Ljupco Georgievski.

The investment value of the repair of Gemidzii Bridge reached almost 34 million denars, which were provided from the central Budget of the Republic of Macedonia.
This project implementation is of a great importance for the local government.
– Cracks on the bridge first appeared seven years ago and grew wider over time, because of which the citizens of Veles considered the bridge repair one of the city’s highest priorities. With this repair the bridge is fully stabilized now. I would like to express our great appreciation to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the PE for State Roads for meeting our requests and carrying out this important construction activity, said Mayor Cadiev.
This project, as well as others that were implemented previously, show the strong and open support of the Government to Veles and its citizens.
– This is the dynamics by which we plan to continue working in the forthcoming period on many other projects we have promised, emphasized IlijaDimovski, Member of the Parliament of RM from Veles.