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Illumination of Kadino junction on Alexander of Macedonia motorway

The Public Enterprise for State Roads has participated in the implementation of the government’s policies for improving traffic safety by carrying out projects for lighting the state roads, and from 2013 to date has completed illumination of 30 km of motorways, national roads, junctions and tunnels in total value of EUR 3 million.

Since early 2014 until now about 10 km of roads have been lighted with 246 lamp posts, about 35.5 million denarsworth.

As of today, the lighting of Kadino junction on the Motorway Alexander of Macedonia was put into operation, on about 1100m road length (500m of motorway and 600m of branch roads of the junction). At this junction, 22 lamp posts were mounted (12 meters tall, 10 double arm and 12 single arm lamp posts), 4.5 million denars worth. The lighting installed is energy efficient, i.e. with dimming lamps that automatically reduce input voltage depending on the daylight.

Since the beginning of this year, the junctions at the entrances to Prilep were lighted, as well as the junction Tetovo – South on Mother Theresa Motorway, the junction before Stip, the intersection before Vevcani, and the entrance to Gostivar after the toll station.