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Open call for participation in public consultation on documents concerning environmental protection and social aspects of the implementation of the “Rehabilitation of state road A3, section Resen – Bukovo” project

The Public Enterprise for State Roads herewith announces its plan to realize the Project on “Rehabilitation of the State Road A3 (old road numbering M-5), section Resen – Bukovo”, in length of about 10.5 km. The project is anticipated to be financed with World Bank funds, hence, as per its requirements in the field of environment protection and social aspects, public consultations will be held in the early stage of technical documents preparation with the interested parties and local population about the following documents:

The above listed documents are available for inspection at the premises of the Public Enterprise for State Roads and of the Municipality of Resen, as well as on the following websites: and

The public consultations on the above stated documents for the above cited project will be held on 6th March, 2014 (Thursday) at 14:00 hrs, at the Assembly Room of Resen Municipality.

Any remarks and/or comments concerning the documents can be made at the presentation itself and/or in written no later than 7th March, 2014, on the following address:
Public Enterprise for State Roads of Republic of Macedonia
Address: Dame Gruev Str., No. 14, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Contact persons:
Public Enterprise for State Roads
Saska Bogdanova – Ajceva
Tel: 02/3118 044 ext. 135, E-mail:
Municipality of Resen
Mr. Toni Jovanovski
Tel: 072 271 838, E-mail: