As per the Article 41 of the Law on State Roads (Official Gazette of RM no. 84/08, no.52/09, no.114/09, no.124/10, no.23/11, no.53/11, no.44/12, and no.168/12), the PESR issues Permits for installation of billboards in the road reserve*.

* As per the Article 4, item 17, “Road reserve” is the land strip on both sides of the roadside on which no objects can be built other than facilities that are in function of the road. As per the Article 4, item 15, “Roadside” is the area on both sides of the road base, stretching for at least one meter off the edge of the road cross section.

The following documents are required by the Public Enterprise for State Roads:

  • Application form

The following documents are required after the inspection is performed and the micro-locations are determined: 
Minutes of the inspection (4 copies) and

  • Sketches of billboards with the dimensions, and conceptual designs (4 copies) 
  • Permits are granted upon your payment of a pro-forma invoice that is sent on your address.

These permits are valid for 1 (one) year, and new application is submitted for extension of the validity for each subsequent year, at least 15 (fifteen) days before the permit expiration date.
The amount to be paid for obtaining the requested permit is calculated in accordance with the Decision on the amount of payment for installation of billboards in the road reserve of a state road, and for positioning installations in the roadbase and roadside of a state road (Off. Gazette of RM no. 139/08).
Information on whether your permit is granted and ready for pickup can be found on  The web application is a system that shall, by SMS or e-mail, send notifications and reminders to entities about permits for billboard installations being granted and ready for pickup. System users can register for obtaining the service on the web application or by an SMS message. Please, visit for more detailed information.
The application form for the Permit for installation of billboards in the road reserve can be downloaded below.