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The Public Enterprise for State Roads is herewith informing the media and the public that starting 18th July 2022 at 7:00 AM, the toll stations “Preod” and “Kadrifakovo” on A4 Motorway Section Miladinovci – Sveti Nikole – Stip will be in operation in both directions of the route.

The electronic toll collection (ETC) system at the toll stations is fully functional. The first two lanes on the right are intended for vehicles that are using an M-TAG electronic device, where no stopping is required, but the driving speed needs to be reduced to 30km/h for the toll to be paid automatically by the TAG device. Payment at the other lanes can be made either in cash or by the M-smart card as another electronic device for toll payment.

Preod and Kadrifakovo toll stations are equipped with 7 (seven) toll booths each.

Below is the price list by vehicle category:

The total cost of the construction works and the electronic toll collection equipment for the toll station Preod was EUR 2,555,349.67, and for the toll station Kadrifakovo EUR 2,314,288.14.

The PESR encourages and recommends use of the electronic devices when transiting the toll stations Preod and Kadrifakovo as a safer, faster, and simpler way of toll payment.


Public Enterprise for State Roads