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Progress Update: Regional Road R2345 Bigla – Trsino

Residents of the village Bigla, located on the northwestern slopes of Golak Mountain, have been waiting since 1994 for the narrow road to be reconstructed and widened and hence grant them improved traffic safety and easier communication between the villages in this region.

The PESR is therefore pleased to report, to both our and satisfaction of the residents of several villages in the region, as well as of the cities of Delchevo and Vinica, that works are currently underway on the reconstruction of the regional road Delchevo-Vinica, via the village Bigla, where the last 4 km are being asphalted.

Previously, 14 km of this regional road were reconstructed. This part of the roadway has also been widened from three to five meters. The sidewalks and drainage canals are currently being constructed.

The section from Bigla village to Trsino village is the last one, so the total length of this road will be 18 km. The funds for the realization of this infrastructure project in the amount of 30 million denars were provided by the Public Enterprise for State Roads.