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Dear citizens,

We appeal to everybody, and especially to the traffic participants, not to throw any waste on or beside the roads because it gives a terribly negative image of all of us at home and before the foreigners who are using our roads.

PE for State Roads has placed waste bins at all tolling stations along the Corridors VIII and X, and at all designated rest areas.
In case you notice any littering on and by the state roads, please inform us by e-mail at or report to competent authorities.
The Public Enterprise for State Roads had signed a contract with the licensed company ECO CLUB LTD. – Bitola for collection and transport of waste thrown along the state roads A1 and A2 (Corridors VIII and X). In the period from August to October 2019 (i.e. for two and half months), total of 483 m3 of waste was collected. Collection was repeated on several locations due to recurrent waste piling.
Total of 223 m3 of waste was collected along Corridor X and Skopje Bypass road (part of Corridor VIII).
In addition, 260 m3 of waste was collected along Corridor VIII, on the section from Saraj to Gostivar.
The collected waste was transported to a location of licensed waste management company for its further treatment as regulated under the laws.

Various kinds of waste thrown on and by our roads also means:
– Pollution of the environment media (soil, surface waters, underground waters, flora, etc.);
– Fire hazard;
– Blocking the road drainage system that may cause floods, landslides, etc.;
– Attracting animals that may jeopardize traffic safety;
– Presence of dangerous substances which may come into contact with the surrounding biotope and biocenosis;
– Waste dumped on the carriageway is a danger for to all participants after you!
Diverse types of waste should be treated according to the national regulations, and any unlawful act is punishable by law.