Final phase of placing new traffic signs, road marking and road furniture on eleven road sections in 560km total length

In the framework of the Road Safety Decade and aiming at improving traffic safety, Public Enterprise for State Roads started a project last year for placing new traffic signs, road marking and road furniture on the following eleven (11) road sections: Ilinden-Kalugjerec, Rzanicino-Sveti Nikole, Lakavica-Negotino-Drenovo, Davidovo-Rabrovo, Brajkovci-Marvinci, Stracin-Kratovo-Probistip-Krupiste, Struga-Debar, Makazi-Markova Noga, Makazi-Border Crossing Stenje, Prilep-Makedonski Brod-Kicevo, Prilep-Krivogashtani-Krushevo-Sladuevo, Vinica-Smojmirovo, and Strumica-Dojran, in total length of 560 km.

Director of the Public Enterprise for State Roads Mr. Aleksandar Stojanov went on-site to check the finalization works on the last road sections under the project. On the eleven road sections the guardrail was replaced, new cat’s eyes were placed, the signposts and traffic signs were replaced with new ones, and new road markings were also placed. The whole investment was 158 million denars worth.

Upon completion of this project in August this year, the PE for State Roads will continue such activities with three new projects for placing new road signage and road furniture on twelve (12) regional and national roads in total length of 450 km.