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The new camera application by the Public Enterprise for State Roads (PESR) has been promoted, as well as the information pamphlet with a map of toll stations and toll prices

The application for the state of tolls and border crossings PESR CAMERAS, made by economist Daniel Radevski from Tetovo, is free and is tailored for smart phones and tablets. This application contains a review of 23 video cameras at toll stations and border crossings, calculator of the distance between two destinations in Europe and reports on the state of roads across the state. It is available in Macedonian language, and versions will soon be developed in both English and Albanian.

Starting today, pamphlets are being distributed on border crossings with a map of toll stations and an overview of the toll prices. Through this pamphlet drivers receive information that the toll stations in Macedonia charge in MKD, EUR, or credit cards. For a simpler and more favorable payment of tolls, it is suggested to transfer the currencies into denars at the border crossings.