Intensified Phase II Works on the Reconstruction of Veles-Kadrifakovo National Road

The Phase I works on the section from junction Veles to landfill Veles have been completed, and currently Phase II works are being executed from Veles landfill to Lozovo village, in total length of 8.9 kilometers.

Photo courtesy of: MIA

The road section is being fully reconstructed, rehabilitated and widened from the current 6.4m (2 x 3.2m) to 11.1m. After the reconstruction the road will have one 3.25m lane, another 2.0m lane and one 0.30m edge lane in each traffic direction, i.e. there will be 5.55m width in each direction, or 11.1m total width of the roadway. With the reconstruction, the accident blackspots will also be eliminated and curves will be mitigated, thus improving the daily throughput of vehicles, the visibility, and traffic safety. Consequently, it will be possible for the maximum driving speed to increase from the current 60 km/h to 90 km/h.

Road signage and markings are planned to be completely renewed as per the modern regulations and standards (installation of 62 traffic signs, 42 direction signs, road markings, and installation of 1500m of new guardrails).