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Local Road to v. Sarcievo Put into Operation

In presence of the Director of the PE for State Roads Ljupco Georgievski, the Mayor of Stip Ilco Zahariev, and the local residents, the local road to the village of Sarcievo was put into operation.

The road was symbolically put into operation by 100-years old native of the village, granny Savka Mileva,who cut the ribbon.

The road is 1.7 km long, with 3.5 meters wide carriageway and 1 meter wide shoulders on each side of the road. Also, the access road to St. Petka church was paved as a part of this project.
The construction of the road has provided conditions for safe traffic operation, as well as for faster transport communication of the residents with the city of Stip.
This investment is 12 million denars worth.