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Appeal to Safeguard the Public Good

The Public Enterprise for State Roads, for the purpose of increasing road safety, has worked intensively in the last year on the illumination of the motorways, national roads and junctions near the larger cities in the country. The illumination in general, and especially of the junctions, was positively accepted by majority of the citizens, as they sincerely support all efforts for increasing the traffic safety.

   Nevertheless, some individuals do not share the majority’s opinion, as on several occasions damages were made to the lighting equipment on the bypass road at the entrance to Skopje, and on the road section Tetovo – Skopje in both directions, and particularly at the junction Kondovo. In the recent days, the power supply cable was cut off at Kondovo junction, more precisely at the part of the connection road in the direction of the entrance to Skopje, resulting in power outage on this section. On several other occasions, the equipment at this junction was damaged by unidentified persons, the step-up transformer was stolen, a serious theft of cable took place, the cable was cut off three times, and the substation equipment was damaged several times. The Ministry of Internal Affairs was officially informed about all these illegal actions. 

Damages made to the cables and conduit boxes result in lack of lighting on the roadway, by which traffic safety is directly jeopardized. The Public Enterprise for State Roads herewith appeals to the public not to damage the public good, considering that lighting, particularly at the junctions at entrances of cities, greatly improves the road safety for all the citizens of our country and reduces the chances for traffic accidents on the roads.