Project name
Road category
Project type
Financing type
Lighting of Melnicki BridgeCompleted
Lighting of interchange KadinoCompleted
Lighting of interchange VevcaniCompleted
Continued works on lighting the toll station GostivarCompleted
Repair of pavement surface distress on state road A1, section Veles – Gradsko In progress
Modernization of crawler lane on state road R1401, section Rabrovo – Kosturino (Valandovsko Brdo)Completed
Repair of bridge on state road R2242, SiricinoCompleted
Regional road R2136, section Rzanicino – D. Konjare on the River PcinjaCompleted
Installation of information light signals (LED road signs) at toll stationsIn progress
Lighting of Prilep (Mogila) junction Completed

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